Let’s Recap The Week in Home Staging

Homes staged before hitting the market sell, on average, 73 percent faster than their unstaged counterparts, according to the Real Estate Staging Association.

But if you’re concerned about whether to spend a few hundred or several thousand dollars on staging, weigh the cost against the additional mortgage payments and possible price reductions that may result if your home lingers on the market.

Be aware, too, that following an initial consultation, a professional stager can scale services to fit your needs and budget. Often, a stager will provide a list of suggested actions and improvements and it’s your choice how many to act upon.

Thank you Angie’s List!


We have been using this information in all of our Real Estate presentations throughout Southern California. We can not express how crucial Home Staging is for most home buyers (and I said most, not all). This allows anyone to walk the home and envision what sometimes is even difficult for us professionals. Let’s be honest…. We know times are hard, but its takes spending some money to make some money. Are we right??? Just look at it as an investment for yourself and your potential business in the near future. #HomeStaging


#TheDivas ❤

Also, all of our #fans and #followers have yourselves a very Happy Valentine’s Day weekend!!

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