The Power of Technology

A California based company is taking gardening to a whole other level… Meet Blossom

The era of the Millennials always on the go, what better way to take care of those meaningless chores than to program ahead of time. In comes a new way to water, Blossom, in which the individual has complete control. Its self scheduling and incorporates weather analytics in real-time!! Blossom allows you to monitor and control your yard’s watering schedule from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet. No more worrying nor aimless tinkering with your sprinkler controller. Blossom automatically programs your yard’s watering schedule by using real-time local weather data and satellites to automatically personalize your watering plan. It’s your weather, your plan!!

blossom-photo Blossom xhighglight_01.jpg.pagespeed.ic.dyugJEmehu

This is all possible from an application that is available for any iOS or Android user. Imagine never having to worry about programming before heading on that much needed vacation or over watering when its raining out. Simply visit for more information!

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